[Fulfillment] Launch Pad


  • Blue & Red - All units shipped to customers. If your order included a black or gray luna dz60, the unit is on hold until your entire order is able to be fulfilled.
  • Black and Gray - One last batch of launch pads remains at the anodizer. Once received, we will inspect, package and ship out all remaining orders. Customers should receive a tracking number if your order has been fulfilled.


  • Aluminum case production.
  • PCBs received from fab.
  • QMK firmware submitted to repo.
  • Injection moulded gaskets arrived from fab.
  • Stainless steel weights.
  • Die-cut rubber feet.
  • OLED LCDs arrived from fab.
  • Fasteners and tools arrived from fab.
  • Packaging, box and foam inserts.
Launch Pad PCB by Ungodly Design