[Fulfillment] Launch Pad


  • Blue & Red - All units shipped to customers. If your order included a black or gray luna dz60, the unit is on hold until your entire order is able to be fulfilled.
  • Black and Gray - The launch pads have been shipped to a new anodizer  after the prior anodizer failed to deliver on quality. Once received, we will inspect, package and ship out all remaining orders. Customers should receive a tracking number if your order has been fulfilled.


April 2021 - Yes, the final batch of launch pads has experienced much delay. We discovered a variety of anodizing defects and color inconsistencies after receiving the last batch of pads from the anodizer. Over the past 4 weeks, our team vetted 16 different anodize shops and selected an aerospace metal finishing shop in Missouri. The parts have been shipped to the new anodizer, expect a 3-4 week turnaround time. In the meantime, we have been machining another 500 units for round 2. Thank you for your patience. We have been just as frustrated with the delays as we want to move forward with new and exciting projects for you all.

June 2021 - We shipping! All remaining Launch Pad orders are being inspected, assembled, and packaged up. Customers will receive a tracking number once the order is fulfilled. We greatly appreciate your patience as we worked through manufacturing issues and unforeseen pandemic delays.

    Launch Pad PCB by Ungodly Design