[Announcement] Luna Gaskets

It was brought to our attention that many of the acrylic rings arrived broken. Due to COVID, acrylic became difficult to source as our local shops like TAP were only servicing essential businesses. Apparently keyboards are not considered essential business. Trust me, I tried. Fortunately, I had already placed an order for silicone gaskets in a variety of colorways. We have shipped replacements to those affected and added the gaskets to our website. Here's a sound test.

Gasket Colors

  • olivia
  • taro
  • copper
  • modern dolch
  • bushido
  • 8008
  • masterpiece
  • nautilus
  • vaporwave
  • black
  • white. 

Other Updates:

  • We have been making aluminum keycaps to start a custom engraving service.
  • We have a hundred DZ60s getting the cerakote treatment in a variety of fun coloways. These will be invoice raffles on Instagram so be sure to follow us!
  • The Launch Pad pcb and case has gone through a few iterations and design reviews. We plan to lock the design for both and launch mid-August.

Thank you all for the support. Hope you're all staying safe and healthy.